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[Pancake Tweleve]: Text


In celebration of what is my personal favorite holiday, I will be serving up free pancakes all day!

So come down to Cassiopeia Grille and get your free pancake while they're hot and fresh!

[Pancake Eleven]: [Accidental Audio]

[There's relative silence, except for a faint beeping of hospital machinery. Eventually, there's a faint sigh.]

Seems like every time I come here... I say the same thing. I suppose I'm just trying to avoid thinking of... that possibility. Far be it from me to think I've got any sort of control over fate, but...

... Hoshi... it doesn't feel right. You might be missing Christmas... you hadn't even gotten a chance to meet Stormy yet... [chuckles softly] She'd love you, by the way...

[another pause, and another sigh]

I miss you. I don't think I'll ever stop wishing that you hasn't gone in to that fight alone...

[a rustle, and something is set on the table]

I got you a present. Hopefully you'll get to open it on Christmas. If not... well... it'll still be there when you do...

[the comm goes silent again, for several minutes, before clicking off.]

[Pancake Ten]: [Locked from Hostiles]

Happy Thanksgiving, Digital World!

Odd here wishing you and yours the best during the holiday season here!

If you don't have plans at your home for a big holiday feast, come on down to Cassiopeia Grille where today we are offering the best in Thanksgiving food! Turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberries, the works, all compliments of yours truly, the chef and proprietor!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, and I hope to see many of you at the grill!

[Pancake Nine]: [Locked from Hostiles]

Hey, um...

Does anyone know that Sam Witwicky kid? I just found him. I think he was part of the kidnapping. We got back and... he's in bad shape.

His partner also appears to be MIA, son.

Yeah... that's worrisome...

We'll wait here to see if some one comes to claim him. Moving the boy might be a bad idea.
*General sounds of cleaning up in the Cassiopeia. Odd seems to be humming, but soon enough he breaks in to a full song.*

LyricsCollapse )

I didn't know you could sing that high, son.

... I didn't know I could sing

*chuckles* Viruses can be amusing.

I see.


Seven Pancakes: [Locked from Hostiles]

Alright guys.

I know I was data frozen, but did you have to stick me in the actual freezer? Ha ha, very funny, I get the joke. Now get me out of here. Please?
Everyone has been having a difficult time lately. From the eviction to losing so many...

I'm a firm believer in food and drink not only being a way to comfort the soul, but to honor those that have gone.

That said, I had this idea with Hoshi already, but I've yet to implement it. I'd like to have a feast in memory of those that have left or passed, completely free of charge at the Cassiopeia Grille in Tetha. There will be foods and drinks of just about anything one can imagine, and a chance to speak about those that this world has lost if you so wish.

It will be held this weekend, Saturday beginning at 4:30pm. Weather permitting the tables will be outside.

If anyone at all could lend a hand with the cooking and setting up, I'd really appreciate it. I've got a full service kitchen, plenty big for making everything.

And if anyone's got any questions, feel free to contact me.

[Attached to all: Official invitation and marker for Cassiopeia Grille]
Well. That was lovely. First the evac and now... well... I suppose I really am not the one needed to make a running commentary on what's happening.

You going to do anything about it, son?

Sad to say, it's not my fight. I'm just trying to make a living here.

Not makin' that great of one. It's been dead since the whole mess started.

If I have to move, I'll move. We'll just see what happens. Until then, I haven't done anything wrong. Unless making good pancakes is a crime. *chuckle*

har har. You're a -riot-, Odd Thomas.


There's a whole lot of commotion on the comms and down the road at the inns. Hoshi, what's going on? Are you alright?

Four Pancakes: [Locked from Hostiles]

What does it mean when some one... just stops moving and seems to be frozen in place? I went to check on Hoshi since she didn't come by for her usual order today and found her like this...