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Odd Thomas
18 August
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Odd Thomas


Odd's distant past is not something he likes to talk about at all. He was born, raised, and lived almost his entire life in Pico Mundo, California.

His father divorced his apparently neurotic and possibly sociopath mother when Odd was one. His mother then made his life hell, mostly with an insane fixation with handguns (later leading to Odd's absolute detestation of them) and a constant need to validate herself through Odd's fear.

Somewhere in there, he's made a joke or two about his name meaning to be 'Todd' but there was a botch on the birth certificate, but more likely it had something to do with his mother's insanity.

He left home at 16, was taken in by the owner of the Pico Mundo Grille, and was given a job as a fry cook there. He's known as having the 'best, most fluffy pancakes of anywhere', and is nearly a local celebrity on that alone, which is just as far as he likes his fame to go. His powers, the ability to see spirits and other such things, complicate his life to the point that he doesn't travel outside his small home town until he's in to his twenties. Having always liked his life simple, but knowing he must use his gift to the best of his ability, he does little more than help solve local crimes.

When he was 19, he aided his girlfriend Stormy Llewelleyn and the chief of police Wyatt Porter in locating and stopping a man who killed a seven year old boy while stalking Stormy's young friend Sherry. Though Sherry was kidnapped, Stormy and Odd rescued her, and no further killings happened on the part of that man. This was on par with how things normally went for him - helping situations with a hint of danger, but rarely anything that got him or anyone else hurt.

That all changed the following year when, after solving the rape and murder of a little girl, Odd was quickly thrust in to a new mystery, that of an event that hadn't even occurred yet. It began with a strange man coming in to his diner, literally followed by a swarm of bodachs, and ended with the revelation that this man along with several others had plans to enact a mass shooting during a crowded day at the Pico Mundo shopping mall. Odd's efforts to uncover information about the man and the event eventually thwarts their plans with just seconds to spare. However in a sad turn of events, Odd couldn't save everyone, and that day he lost the love of his life, Stormy.

Convinced that a promise made via a card from a carnival fortune telling machine that said 'you will be together forever', and Stormy's strong belief that the world they lived in was merely 'boot camp' for the next life on, Odd came to terms with her passing and continued living life as if nothing had changed. He continued to do what good he could, wishing to be reunited with her in the next life and the life after that as they had promised one another. He remained in Pico Mundo and returned to what he did best: being a fry cook.

The following event wasn't one on the level of the shooting at the mall, but a simple kidnapping of his disabled friend Danny. Using his psychic magnetism, he was able to locate Danny and dispell the assumption that it was his recently released from prison father, but instead a lunatic of a woman obsessed with the occult and obsessed with getting Odd to use his powers to contact anything supernatural.

He was able to free Danny, but it was also the second time in his life that he had to kill, and the first time in his life that he nearly died himself, before he felt he was ready to. The powers that be seemed to feel the same way, because all accounts seemed to have him actually dying in the sewer he'd been chased in to and having his spirit visit three of his friends.

This drives him to make a drastic change. Having never lived anywhere but Pico Mundo, he decides to move and take up work in a monastery in the California mountains in an attempt to find some true peace in his life.

For a while things were good, and he did enjoy a long period of peace. As before, though, it was not meant to last. Strange things began showing up at the monastery in the snow along with an increase in bodachs slinking around. It got worse when Odd went to silence a raging poltergeist in the belfry and saw the traditional image of Death, something he'd never seen before.

The strangeness continued as creatures made of bone began making appearances, a monk turned up dead, and a Russian man staying at the abbey revealed himself an NSA agent sent to spy on former physicist Brother John.

The man's instincts prove to be true as it's discovered Brother John messed with the very fabric of reality and created the bone monsters as well as the 'image' of Death. Odd and the NSA agent were able to put a stop to his wrong doings and return safety and peace to the abby and it's inhabitants.

It was just another event that pushed Odd to continue moving, this time in a more aimless direction through California. Most of the time he'd had the company of the spirit of Elvis Priestly, but this time around Elvis finally decided to move on, and Odd was instead joined by a ghostly dog named Boo, and the spirit of Frank Sinatra.

A small incident occurred while he was on the road, when he was picked up hitchhiking by a man who turned out to be a serial killer, but it was one Odd had been prepared for, and he disarmed and turned the man in before he was able to kill again.

His long trek eventually brought him to the small costal town of Magic Beach, California, and possibly Odd's most difficult task to date.

During his time with the stranger he was gifted with a vision of a beach bathed in blood red light, and a young, pregnant Hispanic woman standing near a park bench overlooking the ocean as a nuclear blast suddenly takes it out.

This vision drove Odd to Magic Beach and to find the woman, eventually locating her at the very bench in his vision. Her name was Annamaria, and little else was known about her. She was quiet, mysterious, and nearly spoke in riddles. Still, Odd felt a strong, passionate desire to keep her and her baby protected.

After being assaulted and separated from her, he's taken in by the town's Sheriff who, mistakenly believing Odd is an undercover special ops agent, reveals his plan to bring nuclear war heads in to the states via the Magic Beach harbor. Odd lets him continue to believe that he is gifted with massively over powered supernatural abilities given to him through a government program, and using this distraction he enrages Frank Sinatra's spirit, causing him to throw a tantrum and give Odd the chance to escape and reunite with Annamaria.

Promising to protect her, he leaves once more and goes to take care of the nukes, alerting the coast guard as well as the actual FBI of their presence on the coast. The Sheriff and several others involved were eventually taken care of by their own double crossing in the arrangement (though the survivor, a man Odd called Meth Mouth, was killed by Odd himself), and Odd and Annamaria were able to flee Magic Beach.

Odd finally broke down for the first time since the events in Pico Mundo over the death of so many people, several at his hands. He takes comfort in Annamaria's words that he did so to save thousands, maybe even millions.

The story ends with Annamaria asking him to stop the car and point out the constellation Cassiopeia like Stormy would often ask him to do.


"A great deal of phenomenal experience has fostered in me a flexibility of the mind and imagination that some might call madness."

Odd, for all he has been through, continues to carry a good, if not slightly outdated and dry, sense of humor about him. He deals with something truly morbid, has often seen people at their very worse and most malicious, and has lost a great deal in his short life time, yet he never loses two things: his faith and his smile. Well, that and a pretty damn good knowledge of grill-side cooking.

He refuses to believe people are anything but generally good, and knows well that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This doesn't make him naive, just innocent, young and as of yet un-jaded by his experiences. He's guarded about himself, his gifts and his past. He's not quick to judge, but on the same vein also not very quick to trust. Likely, he will be calling you friend first, and only fully trust you later.

This is not to say that he is without sarcasm, or even anger when the moment calls for it. He despises unnecessary cruelty just as much as he despite fire arms and the people that use them for wrong, and only uses excessive force when there is absolutely no other choice. He continues to stand by his morals, even though from time to time they've gotten him in serious trouble.

Aside from this, he is very open minded, quick witted, and has a very open mind to the ways of the world and the workings therein, especially in the sense of the supernatural. He also has a very kind, giving spirit, and his heart goes out to those in need, be they living or dead.

On top of this all, Odd is a man on a singular mission: to do the most good he can in his life time, so that he can be reunited with his Stormy in the next.


Tsukaimon acts and sounds every bit the cultured older gentleman, soft spoken and polite, but just as sharp and intelligent as anyone. He has a passion for history, books, and technology, and any talk of such will bring out the more excitable and almost geeky side of him. He’s naturally curious, always looking for some way to learn, and will often tinker with something just to see how it works, even if he can’t get it working again. He abhors fighting, much like Odd, but it does not make him a coward at all. If his tamer is in danger, he will take the steps necessary to defend him. He also does not abide by blatant stupidity and arrogance and is not against bluntly telling a person such.


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